The most Californian brand in our portfolio continues to exude its unrivalled lust for life more than 50 years after its founding. Having originally started out as a normal shoe firm, the company soon had the skater community raving over the first Vans style, which was later to become the classic “Authentic”. Following in its footsteps shortly afterwards, the Old Skool made its entrance. This was the first Vans sneaker bearing the company logo on its side, finally cementing the brand’s recognition factor. When the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” starring Sean Penn came to the theaters in 1982, Vans caught the eye of a much broader audience. Overnight, the checkered Slip-Ons sported by the main character became an object of desire for an entire generation. Currently, the brand is riding a renewed wave of popularity, and in particular the Vans Old Skool with its sleek silhouette is as sought-after as ever. The Anaheim Factory collection released by Vans presents colorways and silhouettes that are more reminiscent of the original styles of the 1970s, creating the perfect vintage vibe. Imaginative updates on the upper have become a signature feature of Vans sneakers, so that unusual specials frequently line up at the start beside the classics.