Club Anomaly

We are Club Anomaly, 

Our core believes are humor and inclusivity, we invite people to be part of something. With that in mind, the rules we play by are straightforward. Have loads of fun in the process and have a happy ending. This is the label for both gender, in search of day-to-day perfectly fit, and a fashion twist, that don’t take themselves all too seriously. Club Anomaly was created because of the vision, derived from the needs of going outside the trails in common.

Club Anomaly are part of Ugly wear. We are a label with colourful hues and, contemporary pieces influenced by the ‘80s. Nail day-to-night style with punchy line prints, rich tones and lots of ghastly objects for peculiar design that we love. 

Expect playful co-ords and stand-out separates for mix and match. Covering everything from everlasting flirts to perenniall cool. Whether it's for Jakarta’s sweat-wicking, double-sided tees, or a logo ring tees 
for your next night out -
Club Anomaly works whether you’re on or off the dynamic field.

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